Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wish List

I want a new camera. Preferably a DSLR. I feel its time I graduate from my point and shoot. My camera has been super special, traveling with me in all my journeys. Its a Sony DSC-W150. A simple point and shoot but could do a lot more. I believe this model was discontinued :(  I love it.
But now I want something more. I feel terrible when I see some people who don't know half the things their DSLRs can do. Not that I know much but then I see their pictures and I feel bad. So mean no! But still I feel its such a waste when a good camera is in the wrong hands :p
It might take a while for me to own one. Hope it's worth a wait!



  1. Ideas on speeding things up a bit?

  2. :-)

    I have a point and shoot and I don't even know half the things it can do.
    besides I think my HD cell camera and instagram has made thing's a little easier.

    i feel like IF i had a DSLR i could be more creative, but then I would be one of the users, who don't know HALF the things a camera like that can do!