Saturday, May 30, 2009


Since I was still clueless on what I should write next. I decided to read others blogs .. you know trying to get “inspired”.. that’s what the Big Guy would say. So, I did this... I went to a person’s blog then went to another blog of another person who was following that persons blog and so on. As it turned out.. I went through a whole lot of blogs mostly ones whose captions caught my eye like the one called “A cup of Chai”. What I found is stories merging into other stories. It is interesting actually how people connect. It may be that the person whose blog I started with may not even know the person whose blog I read at the end and yet there was this one thread running through, whether it be the love of chai, flowers, travelling, rain, faces, colours… there was this connection. I think I am coming up with a theory here which probably has been propounded by a gazillion people “Every person has at least one common interest with every person on the planet and if you feel you do not then it means you probably have not lived long enough.” There! I shall call this theory the “We Have Something in Common Theory”.

Monday, May 25, 2009

A start..

How do you start on your first post? I kept wondering this. n I wondered whether it is necessary to describe yourself when you start writing a blog. I mean do we have to mention that we are funny, weird, obsessive, short, tall, have a PhD, have a fascination for kittens, like to travel, live in NY, etc. etc. Do we have to begin with a story or a poem? Is it necessary to have a subject? Do you start with what you believe in or what you don’t believe in? Is it a personal diary or is it a public forum? What do you write in your first post? I still don’t know how to start... but then again I guess this is a start...