Friday, August 28, 2009

Rain Rain Come Again...

Bheegi bheegi, jaadoo bhadi lamhon ki yeh raatein, dekho karne lagi hun mein boondon se baatien- Thakshak
love the rain

Saturday, August 22, 2009


the chai i didnt have...

miniature flowers...

i love this color :)

Oh, i have a Blog!

Just remembered that i had a blog! heh heh.. Thinking of posting more often.
So yeah, i feel like saying nothing much has happened knowing that a lot has happened. But that later.
So, there are the Dos and Donts which I had made up in my mind about a lot of things. And when the time comes to follow them I suck at it!! Some of the Dos and Donts I am finding hard to follow:
a) Do Call Your Friends- Sad to admit it but...
b) Do Lose Weight- This has been there in the list for a long time..
c) Do not roll your eyes while talking to the Uncle- Thats a reflex action and needs a lot of self control! Working on it..
d) Do some craft work- it did begin but it never seemed to end!!
e) Do save that extra buck- Well..
f) Do not leave the bulby plant in the open- I always want that plant to experience the rain but forget to get it in once its done which has led to the plant kind of wilting i think.. Excess of anything is bad.
g) Do not frown while thinking- This is also a reflex action and needs a lot of effort.
h) Do wake up at 7 AM- Hmmmm.. its not just not happening. The "bass paanch minute aur" turns into 30 minutes aur..
i) Do not think that you know everything- I always fall for this trap. I think I am too smart sometimes and well then I get into trouble... hee hee..
j) Do not sleep while talking on the phone- It leads to dreams where you think you are still talking.
k) Do cover the milk before putting it in the fridge.. leads to a lot of accidents otherwise.. Have you ever had milk wali dal?

I think thats it for now.. I mean the list might get longer so i want to stop. This is looking more like a New Year Resolution now.. hmmmmm...

Have been inspired by looking at people's photographs and now attempting to try something myself. Wise One once said "Don't try too hard". Again something to think about. Dont want to scare everyone with my random photographs.

Thats it for now.

Live Long and Prosper!