Friday, August 17, 2012

I can DIM (Do it Myself)

Things have been pretty hectic. I keep thinking of posting and well, I don't. In the past week I did do a bit of DIY and fixed the curtains. They are now of the correct length. Previously they were longer than the door :p
So after getting super duper excited about the fact that I can still do some things myself I have decided to do some more things. But not really decided what. I have been contemplating on making a chalkboard. But haven's had the enthu yet to go to the hardware store. I also have to get a carpenter to make me my full length mirror! And I have an idea to revamp our living room. Its so boring! Let's see how much of all this I complete in the next one month.
Next month is my birthday. And yes I am still excited about my birthday.



  1. How come, some seva for the pati doesn't count in the DIY section? :(

  2. "DIY=Do It Yourself". So go do it yourself ;)