Friday, October 26, 2012

Hum Paanch!

It all started on a rainy day. Chutku came in with one puppy. She was crying. We didn't know how many puppies she had delivered then. And looking at the way she behaved we knew we had to search for the rest. So PC and I went to look out for the other puppies in the rain. Lo and Behold! there they were in the drain being swept away by the strong currents of the rain water. We managed to save 4 of them. So in all there were 5 puppies. They looked like rats! Soon they became a part of our lives. PC and I would come home and play with them, watch them. It felt so good to see five tails wagging when u entered the gates :) We tried not to get too attached to them. You see they are street dogs and will soon go their ways. But every time, any one of them went missing PC and I would be worried sick and search the whole neighbourhood.
We lost Stripey too soon. Stripey died due to shock after seeing a bike screech in front of it. We were helpless! Stripey was too small. And we watched him take his last breath. Soon Freddie followed (the black one with white). We don't know the real cause of death but PC and I think it was due to food poisoning. Sasha (the one a white snout and black body and brown eye patch) has been missing. We haven't been able to track him and suspect it is the same kid who tried to steal Sasha last time.
A few days back Raven a.k.a Chota (the black one with brownish ears) had an accident and has both his front legs fractured. We are taking care of him and so is Sugar (the brown one). Sugar sits with Raven the whole day and night. He never lets Raven out of his sight. He licks Raven's paws and in a way tells him everything will be alright. It's really quite amazing to see both of them. They are quite adorable. Sugar snuggles next to Raven everytime they sleep. I love to watch them play and often land up joining them while they play. They are so loving!! They keep jumping up and down trying to get a hold of anything that's on you :)
It's going to be really difficult to leave them and go.  :( I do pray that they stay safe.

This is a picture of Better Times.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Evidence ;)

This is just one of the pictures that I really like from the wedding. Taken by Sidd.