Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Off I go

Next time I post, my status would have changed to "Married" in most places!! Ha ha ha! Am off tomorrow to Imphal and then later to Calcutta. I am very excited. It's still not sunk in that it is MY wedding! Whoaaa.
So well, hope everything goes well!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shaadi ke Ladoo

This is it! I am getting married in 22 days! It's finally about to happen! My heart is pounding and I am going crazy fussing about details. In spite of planning over the past 18 years or so about how my wedding will be, things are just different. Somehow, in the planning I had missed out so many details, for example, people! As in, I always envisioned how I will be and what people in my Plan would say and do and how they all would also want exactly the same things as me! But that was my Dream/Plan. In reality it doesn't work that way. And that's okay.
I am so excited! I have no idea how it will be. Of course I know the ceremony and what is supposed to happen but I don't know what will eventually happen and that totally excites me! I go on my long trips of day dreaming thinking about how it's going to be. I think of the things that people will say to me and how I will respond. It just is so awesome!! I am being pampered by my family as usual but now even more! I am loving it!
There are a few disappointments. T can't come. And she was in a major chunk of my Plans. She can't come now due to reasons that only bring a smile on my face. A lot of my close friends can't make it too due to the wedding being on a weekday. At first I was angry and upset but now I am trying to accept the fact that money and time are important factors in everyone's life. Fact of life. But I am glad some of them are coming and rejoicing in the fact that I will get to meet some of my friends after ages!! So happy :D
I don't know exactly how I am feeling other than just excitement.

Waiting for D-Day,