Monday, September 3, 2012

30 only!

I turn 30 today. 3-0, thirty!! Oh My! This morning as I was answering calls and everyone was reminding me of my age I was like Whoaaa.. I never thought I will be 30 some day! I mean all the bhaiyas and didis were in their 30s, not Me!! I don't even feel old. But here I am.
It's supposed to be a big deal stepping into the 30s from your 20s just like how it is when you turn 13 after 12. I am supposed to be more mature and responsible and taken more seriously (heh heh). Lets see how things develop in the next 365 days and see if things change and I start feeling all of the above.
Oh yes and to mark this day I have got my highlights on my hair. I have never ever done anything to my hair except cut it and that too mostly on my birthdays! That says a lot about me, doesn't it! Anywhoo, they look a bit tacky! But who cares, I can do whatever I want. I am 30!!!



  1. pictures of the hair!!!!

    also remember turning 20 from 19? that seemed like my childhood officially ended... but you and Tesh are still pretty cool after turning 30 and so i won't be afraid of turning 30...

    Did you get a nice chocolate cake?

    1. Hey Pree,

      Yes, I got a chocolate cake :) I really don't know why we make a big deal of the age factor but we do and that's why the wonderful feeling after 12 and the adulthood at 20 and just a weird nearer to 50 feeling at 30! ha ha ha!

      Take care!