Sunday, May 23, 2010

Waiting for rain

This is a view from my place.
Just couldn't get this straight! forgot to save it seedha! The clouds looked like there was going to be a cyclone!

View from from PC's place.

View from PC's place again! it was just about to rain.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I want to experience the rains in Calcutta again!

Today I remember the warm sunlight after the rain in Calcutta. The way the trees showed off its colours, shades of yellow and green. The water clogged in the streets. A warm feeling. I am reminded of the grey blue clouds and the eagles soaring high. Sitting in our jungle-like balcony sipping on hot tea and sometimes samosa along with it. Watching kids run to pick up the freshly fallen mangoes, some ripe and some just about. There would be streams of muddy water running to the drains.
It would rain in the late evenings sometimes. Late evening showers also meant cool breeze and a clear sky later. Smell of tea mixed with fried foods and chaat filled the air.
There are so many things about the rains in Calcutta. As I started writing this so many thoughts came to my mind that I had to stop to control my thoughts. I miss the rains of Calcutta as I knew I would.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Come weekend...

I am so looking forward to this weekend. I am meeting PC after two and a half months! yay! 
One thing is sure that I will get my hug :D 
You know sometimes the distance doesn't matter and sometimes they do too much. We hardly see each other. So, when we meet it's always like the first time we met. Another thing is whenever we meet we want to do so many things and make every moment special. This can lead to loads of planning before we meet and finally we land up doing none of the things we planned or atleast very little of it!  This time we might live through the day we "met" by going to the railway station and drinking a gazillion cups of chai. Of course it might not be the same but it's going to be fun I am sure. 
Looking forward to an extremely enjoyable weekend :D


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jadoo ki Jappi..

I need a hug. It was so easy to hug and get hugged in return. Not too good at PDAs I would smile and look expectantly at my sisters who would just give me a tight hug for no reason at all. In school and college friends hugged to rejoice and sometimes in pain. I never ran out of hugs. Feeling depressed? Just go lean over, and your family and friends would be more than happy to oblige. They would hug and make all the fear, insecurities, pain disappear or would fill my heart with so much warmth that I would feel its about to burst. I miss hugs that make me feel that everything is alright.