Friday, June 25, 2010

Another Crib Session

I don't get it. I really don't get it. I don't get the fact how people can be so weird/annoying/selfish (choose any)!
SO yes this post is a crib session again. I moved in this place about three months ago and I have just been so disturbed here. Really!
It had started with the super-spicy food. I showed my displeasure and the girls just said that they will change this. It used to be weird when Girl 2 used to cook for herself alone. But I ignored that. I thought well maybe she doesn't like my cooking. No biggie! Then when I went to visit PC a girl was there in my room suddenly. So yeah I ignored the fact that I was not even given a chance to meet the girl I had to share my room with. I thought well I shouldn't create a scene. Then this girl I share the room with, "The Stick", one day conveniently moved my stuff around the room, took out all my possessions and put it where she wanted to and also tore my books carton! I lost it that day. Had a big fight. I mean who takes your stuff and re-arranges it without even asking you! Now the other Girls think that the Stick is the victim and I am the evil one. Girl 1 keeps nagging the whole day. She is complaining the whole day about something or the other. Girl 1 thinks its her duty to complain and pass snide comments without ever doing anything even if its not useful herself. Girl 2 is in her own world. The house is not my home and everyday is leading to one more day of discomfort.
I don't know why all these things affect me so much. Maybe because I have never met such people in my whole entire life!! I need to start searching for a new place again because I feel I am not happy anymore and I feel so stressed!
Really need a change.

Peace (sigh)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Growing up and growing apart

It’s strange how we all move on. Some because they are caught in their high flying jobs, some just because they get married and have so many other roles to play and some because of physical distances while others just drift away. You can’t blame anyone for it. Circumstances change like the course of a river and we move on.