Sunday, June 12, 2011

Touchie Topic

Its been a while. I have been on a guilt trip. Reason: I haven't been in touch with my friends for like ever. I know I should. Of course I should. I get all these forwards about how important friends are and how you should keep in touch.  And I almost every time resolve that I will keep in touch. But when it comes to implementing it, I suck at it.
No reason is good enough to be out of touch. Distance or whatever.
Today I realized and kinda started counting the things that I have missed with my friends. A friend gave birth to a baby boy and I didn't even call her! Of course, I got to know today but I knew she was expecting. I might have missed a few birthdays and anniversaries. I really am a terrible friend.
The calls that I say or the other says lands up being never made. The meetings never happen. The trips never materialize. And life just goes on.
I do think I am blessed. My friends keep in touch and are forgiving! Can't take it for granted though.

So today (again) I resolve to stay in touch and be the one to call.