Monday, December 21, 2009

The London Series- Food Glorious Food!

Aaaaaaaah.. now this is the best part. it was a gastronomical adventure! And Boy! Did I miss some people who would have appreciated the food and enjoyed it as much as I did! To start with I had home made Manipuri khaana by Ma which included kangshoi and iromba. Mouth watering.. slurp slurp.. Then the amazing Bengali specialties, kosha mangsho and the chodchodi cooked by Tamdi. Slurrrrp.. Tamdi has proved herself to be one heck of a cook!  Gjjee showed his cooking skills by cooking delicious kali dal one day :) Dipali Di had cooked some awesome Biryani.. it was finger licking good.. so good that I am considering her to cater for my wedding ;). Slurrrp… how can I forget the food at Tamdi and her college gang’s reunion- roast chicken, sun dried tomato, garlic and red pepper pasta, yummy ratatouille (cooked by Joyoni Di). It was the first time I tasted ratatouille and its set some standards. All the people who cook ratatouille, please be assured your dish will always be compared to Joyoni Di’s. It was simply delicious.

Besides the above we did eat out. We had different cuisines ranging from Indian, Italian, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, German, American food (that was just a hot dog) to of course the English food of course. The only thing I didn’t eat was fat round big prawns that looked like the intestines of a human! Of course it was delicious but the sight wasn’t so good. I kinda got nauseous. In normal circumstances I would not have let go of those prawns!! Don’t think I missed much though. Yes. I hogged all throughout the stay. Didn’t lose any chance to eat out. I have a completely different outlook about food from different regions now. And when I go to these places which say they serve food from the above mentioned places I am so gonna judge them!
Other than that I Loved the mulled wine at the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park. Yes it was the first time I tasted it! It was nice and warm and sweet. I am so hunting for a place where you get mulled wine here. So I did drink a lot of wine generally and I think now that I am a Wine Person. Okay for the time being I am!
If you have read my previous post, you will know that I was a bit awestruck by everything around. This of course includes the vegetables as well. Mom, Dad and I were completely taken aback by the variety of vegetables available. We wanted to buy everything which was of course not such a good idea considering the fact that we would not have been able to eat many of them or just not be able to finish it! There were so many things that we had not seen before. And we took loads of snaps of vegetables we dont get back home. Funny thing to do, i know! 

And I toast to all those people who make food so enjoyable!

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