Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The London Series- After Effects

Gotcha! No. No. This is not part of my London Series.. Ha! Ha! Ha! Its just me ranting. Here I am. Back from an amazing holiday. And all I get back to are worries. You know the moment I landed here I had a million worries. I was wondering how to get a cab, will I get home on time, will I get the bus back, will Anjudi remember to pick me up, the house must be dirty, will the Bai come, I have a million bills to pay, I have to go to office the next day, I am hungry, I am sleepy, I am awake, I need to bathe.. You get the drift.
So. this series of worrying just doesn't stop... Today I am sitting here and thinking God! give me a break! I am desperately searching for a room mate. I am fed up with the way The Grinch treats me! I can't wake up in the morning till the Bai comes. God forbid, one day if she doesn't turn up, I will be sleeping the whole day! I am trying hard to save some money and cut a few expenses. Trying to lose all that lard I have accumulated around my middle region. And I am a bit lonely. I want to have all my family and friends around. Yes ALL of them! And I want to go to Bangalore right now. But I am sitting here typing this! Uff!

Really. I want to move.

Peace (You wish)
Ranting Maniac Shaki


  1. My God! Your needs are instiable, aint it woman? ;)

  2. Hmmm.. there is definitely a clash between my needs and wants, and insatiable.. both are ;)