Thursday, April 15, 2010

Talking about people and places

The other day I had gone for a surprise party organised for a friend and her husband on their wedding anniversary. Well, it was great. They were surprised and all was well. Anyway this post is not about them.
It so happened that I was having a conversation with this person in this party. We were not talking directly to one another but we were generally in a group where people talk random stuff. All of a sudden this guy asks me where am I from. I told him Imphal, Manipur. So what happened is that after that he goes on to tell me that he has a colleague who is also from Imphal. He gave me his name. I was blank. Then he said that the guy was very nice and simple. He also said that he was funny. That the guy was smart too. Finally with a very weird look in his face he says he loves pulling that guys leg. Well, so, here is the point where I lost the "oh I am so interested in what you are saying" facade. I asked him directly "And what has that got to do with me?"  He gave me a dirty look. Of course he would. I sounded like a self centered person who was not the least bit polite!
So what I am trying to say is that many a times even I come across such situations when someone, not a friend mind you, tells me they are in So and So Place and I exclaim "oh, i know someone who is from So and So Place and we are such good friends". Instead of referring to the place we i.e. you and me, start talking about the person. Why do we do that? I mean who is interested to know about someone they dont really know and wouldn't bother finding out about. Okay, its a different matter if the person who is in the So and So Place turns out to be your long lost friend or someone you know/knew. I just dont understand why this happens! So ok, if I do remain polite what am I supposed to say afterwards "Oh its so great to know you know someone from So and So Place" or "Thank you. I am not alone" or "Where are you from?"
I just don't get it! And still when some random person I meet at some random place tells me about how they love to go out with that person from So and So Place I will smile and say "Thats nice".


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