Friday, April 9, 2010

Fruity Thoughts

I was popping a grape in my mouth last night when this sudden question came to my mind. Has anyone tried frying grapes? I mean what would happen if you just tossed a grape in oil? As one of my roommates was frying the onion, while I was standing next to her popping the grapes in my mouth I had this urge to just throw one in just to see how long would it be before the grape would dissolve or evaporate or do whatever it is supposed to do! Unfortunately I dont think my roommate would have appreciated that so I held on to my thoughts and actions. Just imagine going to a restaurant and ordering mango ki samzee or papeeta aur aloo or amrood ke tikke! Just imagine!
By now you know I wasnt too good in science and you definitely won't have food cooked by me. But well, for a long time I was up wondering how I would cook various types of fruits and finally gave up the idea. Not because I don't want to see what happens but because I knew no one at home would eat fried grapes and oh what a waste that would be then of a fruit I so enjoy eating!



  1. :)
    a. mango chicken is a popular dish.
    b. papaya is used in singju & also as meat tenderiser
    c. grape kyun nahi daalaa oil mein..hahahaha

  2. heh heh.. cudnt risk getting the oil splattered on my roomie's face! eeps!
    no no. meant that the fruits be like proper sabzee not like adding flavour. like how we have bhindi ki sabzee why cant we have pake hue papaya ki sabzee :D

  3. arey in Himachal Pradesh, I had apple sabji apple dal & apple in cant beat that! it doesnt taste too good though :-p ripe papita sabji is useless because the fruit will become pulp in how ripe tomato does the disappearing act in a curry!