Friday, March 5, 2010

Its a new place

So I have now moved into my new place. I am not yet done with unpacking. I have to sort things out. I have a lot of things that I have collected over the four years and I have no clue where to store it! Since I do not know the girls I am staying with from before I am still trying to figure out how things work around here. Right now everything is quite peaceful. I do my own thing during the time I am there that is mostly when I am not in office. I haven’t settled in completely and that has made me restless. I am irritable too. It’s the energy I tell you. I mean because everything is still a big mess I am unable to feel the peace yet.
I like the balcony. Though it faces a building and the people living above our floor can see it. Morning chai sitting on the window sill has been replaced by morning chai on the balcony floor. Its comforting sitting there listening to the pigeon cooing and the cool morning breeze brushing against me. I could have been okay without the pigeons though. The window in my room faces another building so I am still wondering whether it is okay to keep it open.
The television that is there right now is a small 14 inches walla. I have to strain my eyes to watch tv due to which I have almost stopped watching it too. However things will be better once I unpack my tv! My wonderful tv!
The bai is a very energetic lady. She charges into the house in the morning and wakes us up from our half awake states. 
My plants are okay as of now. So I am happy.
I have been frequenting my old place as well to collect the last bit of whatever I had left at that place. But when I walk into the gates of the society I feel like an outsider, a visitor. Though a lot of the faces are familiar I feel disconnected. Hmm.. maybe I have moved on from there.
Hoping to make good memories in the new place.