Friday, February 19, 2010

Moving to a New Place

Time to move is coming nearer. Just a week left. I have not started packing! Though I am done with sorting a few things and giving a few things away to my bai. I just don't feel like moving. It has been almost 2 wonderful years in this house. Like my previous "homes" I had made it my haven, somewhere I chill and relax, play loud music, dance and sing. Yes I do that sometimes. Its my space. I love it in spite of the birds who try and make a nest in my pots. Because I am moving to a place that is already furnished, I will have to dispose of a lot of furniture given by Tamdi. But they are a part of that house too. A bit sad. So made a list of things I will miss.
Things I will miss:
- The breeze because it is on the 6th Floor. You have no idea how good that felt.
- Sitting on the window sill during monsoons and cool summer nights. Not privileged to have a balcony but I didnt complain... too much :)
- Looking at all my potted plants on the grill outside the window. They look so bright, green and pretty!
- Sitting after coming back from work on the comfortable sofa right in front of the TV. Just vegetating there.
- The way the sunlight seeped through the curtains and reflected on the walls.
- No one complaining of my singing along with the radio or putting it on in full volume as soon as I wake up!
- Looking at the clouds and the sky. Just sit on the window sill and look up. Its beautiful.
- Turn night and the moonlight comes right through. Sometimes at night it felt as though someone has switched on a tubelight outside the window.
- Lying on the bed you can see the sky. I love the beds which are basically on the floor and are 4 blocks of wood joined together.
- The way the light comes into the house it was good for photography. I love taking pictures :) most of the photographs here are taken at home.
- The red little lights which we put up every diwali. It just made the place look so festive!
- The kitchen. That is where I have experimented with food :) And its quite spacious. You can have five people standing there! Yes I know because we have done that!
- The reassuring sound of the fan in my bedroom. ha ha! had to add this one. It makes so much sound that you can hear it all the way on the other side of the phone

There are so many more things. So many memories and details. I will miss this place :(

But trying to stay positive and hoping that the next house also gives me the same sense of comfort if not so than more.


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