Monday, February 15, 2010

Love will keep us alive.. will it?

It’s been running through my mind for sometime now. A friend broke off with the guy she had been dating for the past one and a half year. She has all the right reasons to break off with him. But one of the reasons that got to me was that his lifestyle and his family’s lifestyle doesn’t match hers. This kind of got me thinking. It really did. And I remember once PC and I discussed it too. 
Is Love also about the social strata? I mean I have seen in many “cases” that the boy is more well -to -do than the girl. Which makes sense in a way because since the girl is coming to a new place to live in, she would want the same comfort as she had before getting married, if not, then more. In case the guy is less fortunate than her or her family then there are little loopholes that are created. The girl feels the need to release or indulge which might not be permissible by the guy or his family. There is a feeling of resentment between the boy and the girl and it grows till eventually the whole “I Love You for who you are” becomes “I will love you more if you can buy/give...”. Then starts the fights and then ultimately the magic fades and two people are stuck in an unhappy marriage/relationship. Someone had once said “Love can’t fill your stomach”. Think about it, after all Cinderella was no princess.  
So what happened to unconditional love? What happened to standing by each other no matter what, through thick and thin? Does Love depend on what you do, what you wear, where you live, how much you earn? There is this one line of a song by the Eagles which gets to me every time and that is “When we’re hungry, love will keep us alive”. Would I be disillusioned if I thought that Love was about Love and nothing else, no race, caste, sex, religion, status. Would I be a fool to think that Love conquers all?



  1. I sure do hope not.
    And about the other things that start to matter, well, I think it kinda bottles down to Mismatched Expectations!

  2. I agree with the mismatched expectations bit but then again each one of us continually seem to change those expectations... could u define love on its own & how do u know its not all these other things as one knows, isnt it! what i have learnt so far is that love is all these weird bits plus great friendship!! if u have a great friend as your love, you've pretty much cracked it!! put the dynamics of a friendship into love...thats all. & Love does conquer all :-D