Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pehli Baar Mohobbat ki hain.. aa haan.

Dont get carried away by the title. thats just a song I have been humming.
Bada Mazaa Aya.. Well. Ok.. So what happened is that Swat ran away from home with Tonn... It was just SO exciting! Here was a meitie (read Manipuri) boy and a jaathni (read Haryanvi) running away from Chandigarh to Pune to get married in the Maharashtran way! The wedding was organized at a Hall in Alandi. Supposedly this place is infamous for these kinds of marriages!
All the time I kept humming the tune of “Pehli Baar Mohabbat Ki Hai” from Kaminey. I mean being in the midst of all the drama, the emotions, was just too much fun! Yes, yes, I was also taking immense pleasure from the confusion and conflicts that Swat and Tonn were going through. I just couldn’t help it! So yeah, I had the duty of updating the folks back home about what’s going on this side. I name myself the official Wedding Correspondent for the day. Sab khabar le rahe the. And I did my part pretty well, Thank you! I gave all the details I could from what color lehenga Swat wore, what was Tonn wearing, what jewellery Swat had, what time was the ceremony, where we are, what are they doing, what are we eating, where are we standing, etc. etc. Full details full mein. In all this what I though was awesome was the girl and the boy's enthusiasm. They look so happy together that it would be a sin to pull them away from each other.
The wedding was attended by close friends but the immediate families of the boy and girl could not attend it for obvious reason. Bhai bhaag ke shaadi kar rahe the naa! However, there will be a wedding again with the parents present which again I intend to attend.

Was thinking of writing much more but that would take ages to write. So as for now I am just so excited on being part of this whole Filmy Type Shaadi! God Bless the Couple!

Wedding Correspondent

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  1. wow coooooooool wonder ur twitter msgs seemed somewhat..kno wat e1 I was a witness to one such wedding..its so much fun..even I wish I marry this way..its so bloody adventurous!