Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Birthday Week!

Its' My Birthday Week!! Yippee! No I am not 16 or 13! But am extremely excited. I am looking forward to my birthday like Zombie waiting for his biscuit. Yes, yes, of course all this excitement is mainly due to the fact that RD is coming to town to celebrate my birthday! Yay!
Now, its time to count the things done and those that were left undone. Last year went by so quick! But then all the years have. Its been a topsy turvy year for me. I tried recounting the things I had done in the past one year.. decided that its a long list to jot down here and I could get tiresome just writing it.. So...
The year had some moments when I was overwhelmed by emotions I never knew I had. It had its share of the good, the bad and a bit of ugly. I have regretted not doing some things too. Learnt a few things and committed the same mistakes. I have travelled a fair deal. I have discovered a few things in me. I have fallen at times. Experienced and experiencing being in Love. Its been a year I shall never forget.
On each birthday I start thinking of the numerous birthdays I have had. Gets me to think how I am changing. But there is one birthday that still pinches the most and that is the one of 2007. I didnt cut a birthday cake that year. It was the loneliest one. Ok. Better memories. I remember those spent when my mom and my sisters would hide the gift they bought for me and my joy when I received them. I always had a party when I was in school :). Sometimes in the club and sometimes at home.. Things were the same and not yet same in college. Birthdays meant going out for food and later drinks in the small cramped hostel rooms. actually the rooms were big enough but we were too many to fit in. heh heh.

This might be followed with a few more posts after my birthday because I have suddenly lost my chain of thoughts and I would rather post this before my birthday than afer.

Love and Peace


  1. Flattered! ;)

    Also, quite curious now... ;)

  2. I recollect the time both Madhu & I had pulled your leg saying that we all forgot your bday or something...and then u wailed ur eyes out before we finally pulled out cards & gifts..hahaha hummein bhi badaa mazaa aaya tha.. im guessing from this year onwards you'll never have a lonely bday! wat u say RD?

  3. the third paragraph is intriguing and applicable to many!
    the line about experienced and experiencing love makes me feel good about falling in love.
    i began to train myself to think love is a trap. use ur head not your heart.

  4. OMG!! So the 2007 birthday was the loneliest one haan, guess..dinner at Prems with 2 friends who cared wasn't that great..

  5. Hey Skipper! sorry about that.. u guys were really sweet but have to admit, it was still the lonelist..