Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ma ma foo foo (Same old, same old)

It's a new old city. I have stayed here for a major chunk of my life. I returned after more than 10 years to settle down. I continue to be mesmerized by the old building, the trees around. The weather takes me down in time to the safe spaces I grew up in. It reminds me of restless evenings, comfortable afternoons and exciting mornings. It's the only thing I relate to in this city now. The weather. Everything else is just there. It doesn't evoke the same feeling. But I want to explore. I want to make this city mine again.
I haven't been good at keeping in touch with people I care for and when I look at the horizon I wish I had. There are people I have cared for who are in this same old city and yet.

The city is the same but the circumstances have changed.


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