Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rose Rose Khao :)

So, as unhealthy as it sounds we do eat out once a week even if it means getting chowmein from the roadside stall! It's our way of celebrating either the end of a week or the end of a very tiring day.
Recently, we were on our way around town trying to figure out whether we really wanted a new TV, and a LED at that. After tiring walks in the mall and listening to endless features of different LEDs, we decided to eat at a small but quite famous place in our neighbourhood.
Rose is a relatively big small place. The entrance is big and the place where we sat, the seating was along a long corridor. The host was quite courteous. He knew the menu but just could help us too much in ordering. But that doesn't usually bother us.
We decided to have chinese food. Yes, that's one of our favourites :) . They had a special Three Mix Noodles which seemed very interesting and so we decided to go with it. We ordered for the Chilly Chicken and a Schezuan Chicken to go with the noodles. The service was okay. We got hot food on our table in a reasonable time, you know, when you have enough time to discuss the day and be ready to eat your way through dinner. Unless you had Hugh Jackman with you in the morning, in which case you wouldn't want to eat anyways. The food was good. The Mix Noodles was a combination of Hakka Noodles, Garlic Noodles and Schezuan Noodles. Yumm! I enjoyed it thoroughly. The Schezuan Chiken was more hot than the Chilly Chicken, something which I hadn't expected. The chilly chicken was good too. I think you should have Schezuan Chicken only if you want to eat really really hot chicken. We don't usually have starters or dessert unless we go to a place which is really known for it. We did have sandesh from the sweet shop under our building to douse the fire in our mouths and bellies. The evening was nice. I enjoyed my meal. Took snaps before my family could dig in, after which there wouldn't be much to photograph anyways :)
Here's our dinner.



  1. once again am so hungry after reading your blog!

  2. Ha ha! Thanks Pree!! :)
    I am trying to blog more frequently and covering the topic I love, Food!