Thursday, August 25, 2011

Morbid Thoughts

Was watching Grey's Anatomy last night. One of the main character was on the deathbed. She meets with an accident and is rushed to the Hospital. And her friends have to operate/look after her. The whole episode is a musical. Every character sings its part about life and deeds. Its very moving. Didn't see the whole episode because I got pretty welled up. Had a hearty meal and then went to sleep. Dreamt that I saw someone being shot while i was in a car. I got up because in my dream the same sequence was happening again. Scary.
So yeah. Ever since I have started riding, I get these thoughts like what would I do if a truck ran over me. There wouldn't be much I would be able to do, I guess. But sometimes I wonder like the way they show in movies will I actually see myself dying? or see my whole life flash in front of my eyes? or will I say "Oh Shit" instead of "God"? and what if my limbs are injured and I cant move? who will I call? will I faint? It'll be so scary dying on the road with no one you love around you. Scared and helpless and regretful, maybe.
Almost everything in the above para is something I don't want to experience or have others experience. But I wonder sometime.



  1. You know, sometimes, I think Heaven or Hell, is not really a "place", but more of a "time". That one last second of your life, when you know that there ain't gonna be no miracles, no knight in shining armour, that all is well and truly over in this world, and your life flashes by in front of your eyes, is Heaven or Hell.

    That last one second of your life...

    (Note : Not sure of this thesis sits well with the Space-Time-Continuum)! :)

  2. morbid indeed. death is the only reality! when we learn to accept that, we live more wholly & thats what we should do. nobody can predict how we will die but we can manage how we live. ummm so stop going there. and then again sometimes we should remind ourselves of the delicacy of life so that we can love, live, fulfil our dreams & be true to ourselves!
    as for heaven & hell, we wont know till we cross over anyways so don't fret!
    love you guys