Saturday, March 5, 2011

I need to do Something.

Oh Well.. Its been a long time. Ever since I have been working I feel I haven't been able to give time to myself or do anything that excites me. As in, you know ,I don't post anything, that's one thing for sure. But other than that I am so caught up in working, trying to spend as much time with PC, cooking and all that, that I feel I don't do anything exciting or out of impulse.
I mean there were days in Pune when I could just get out of the house go to a mall and randomly pick up stuff or nothing at all! But just do anything. I would randomly go out with the Girls for a movie, dinner and drinks or spend time at the beauty parlour or just pig out. I know I know, I can do that now too... but I guess it's this City. No offence. But then to get to any of the "happening" places I need to schedule it out, get time and people together and then work out the logistics! And no I definitely can't do it on any weekday, it has to be a weekend. I can't randomly ask everyone to drop whatever they are doing and go out with me! After so many things to think about who wants to go out anyway. And with all that the laziness just piles up too.
Do I regret moving here? No way.
But I feel very dependent now and that's something I don't like. So have to think of ways to give time to me and do things for me. I need to loosen up, let my hair down. I need do just do random stuff and get rid of the lazy me.
I think I am going to get a massage :)

(After writing this, I think I miss my friends more)

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  1. Ummm, won't having your own conveyance help?