Thursday, December 16, 2010

Last Quarter 2010- Wrap Up!

Landed in Bangalore in September. Got busy soon after that. Got a PG which by the way is like a prison now. High point after I arrived is that PC's parents were in town for the Puja. Unfortunately PC and his Mom fell ill during that time so we couldn't do a lot of things that we had planned to do. But we had a great time nonetheless. We had a puja at PC's place and an amazing meal, courtesy PC's mom. Yummy food! 

I think I have actually stayed in Bangalore for a month and a half at the most! As soon as I had landed here I took off to Imphal and then to Dimapur. More of that later. I mean there are just so many things that you can write about Home. I was there for a month. 
After that when I came back, within a week I had to go to New Delhi/Gurgaon for a friend's wedding. Winter weddings in the north are just so much fun. We were huddled up at the mundap sipping hot coffee while the wedding vows were being made. My girl friends and I had a great time! We had danced like the way we used to in College. We drove around in the middle of the night, actually it was early morning!  It was just such a lovely time!

When I got back Su was in town for the weekend and you know what that means :) We explored Bangalore! It was so much fun! We went to the Bangalore Palace, the Lalbagh, ate at MTR which is near Lalbagh, we went to the Kala Madhyam exhibition which by the way was super awesome, we had ice cream at Corner house. It was just so much fun! I am putting some snaps here.
Bangalore palace
Kala Madhyam Mela 2010

And well... I have finally got a job! And I will be going to Pune and Bombay to celebrate Christmas and New Years! I think at this point I am very happy! Not only do I have a job I get to spend the festive season with family! Yay! So yeah, the year end is turning out to be great! And who doesnt like happy endings! 
I only wish I could have spent New Year's with PC :(


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  1. Whoa! Nice new look hai! Very "zen"... (nodding head, pretending to be a wise designer)

    PC! ;)