Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bangalore- Week 1

Its something haan.. I am here in Bangalore. One Week! Yes thats how long I have been here. From Pune to Bangalore. Last week just passed by. PC was around half of the week so I was quite comfortable and then i went to Mysore for a day. It was a good trip. Though I was quite tired as the schedule was too tight.
Finally got a Paying Guest Accomodation (PG). Okay so here I have to say, why are PGs like the way they are. I mean okay so people don't stay in PGs for more than a year but why do they make the rooms so shoddy! Plus its pretty expensive. The rooms barely fit a bed and a cupboard and if you have an attached bathroom then you are lucky! As of now I am not sharing my room with anyone.
Anywhoo, lets see how it goes.
Other than that enjoying the Bangalore weather. Its pretty cool and I enjoy the evenings mostly sipping on chai with PC. The people are nice and the food is good :D PC's roomie and I are on a mission to conquer the World with our Cooking. heh heh! I think more than anything else as of now I like the fact that the locality where I am staying is almost like the same locality I used to live in Pune. 
Yes I do miss my friends and family in Pune. Of course its but natural.
Now I am looking forward to discovering Bangalore. I so look forward to travelling all around this place. The public transport seems pretty sorted out here so I am quite relieved. I mean after so many years of fighting with Autowallas in Pune its a relief to travel in buses where I know they won't charge me extra. 
Will keep posting about my Bangalore experience from now on :)

Thanks PC for making the transition from Pune to Bangalore so easy!


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