Sunday, July 18, 2010


A burden has been lifted from my shoulders. For the past few weeks my life has been a bit nightmarish by my standards. I was dealing with difficult roomies and a difficult boss. Everything was just up in the air and I felt that at some time everything will fall on me. Its a weird feeling. My Inner Circle was there by my side encouraging me, advising me and comforting me. Thanks guys!
During these times Su, my ex-colleague, ex-roomie and friend came to my rescue. Okay maybe that was not her intention and maybe she doesn't even realize it. She came to visit me at the exact time when I actually felt my life sucked more than ever. Work wasn't good either and she knew that better than anyone since she has seen me through it all. During the last week Su got back a part of me that I was slowly letting go of. The part of me which is always enthusiastic about going out, exploring, shopping, eating out, talking crazy, being impulsive.
So yeah thanks Su! and be rest assured even though u live almost 30 kms. from where I am you are going to see a lot of me :D


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  1. Yeahhhh! Way to go! (cheering from the sidelines)! ;)