Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dedicated to the "B" Gang

When I moved from Kolkata to Patiala I was excited about a new beginning and yet feared that this might be the end of the comfortable World I knew. I was leaving everything to go to a place which I didn’t even know existed till two years before I embarked on the journey. I had always wanted to run away. To go far away from Kolkata because I thought I would never be able to get out and see the world! Well… that is that...

It’s really interesting how the people you thought you would never ever hang out with at first turn out to be your best friends. Never had I imagined being friends with these bright, intelligent, adventurous, crazy, dramatic, rebellious, stubborn, opinionated, witty and beautiful women. All different from the other. Yes, we were not as close when we first met. Each had a very different opinion of the other or none at all. But as time went by all of us found each other. And soon College was our play ground and each a player of the same Team. Always standing up against injustice. Fighting for “The Cause” whatever that maybe as long as it is for our rights. College and hostel made us stronger. We never ever let anyone break us. My friends were my support then and are still today.
I miss each one of them. I miss the laughter and the always making sense of a lot of things of Ms. Pink. The smiling face and the lets get them attitude of Ms. Pretty and Petite was something no one could resist. Ms. Dramatic, I miss your brashness sometimes and definitely the craziness. I am sorry I missed your wedding. You could always make out Ms. Determined and the Looker from far. She had a lost look on her face and would be usually trying to get into the conversation none the less. A Pilot now- she has made us proud. Whenever I got scared or missed home I could always squeeze Ms. Sensitive yet Strong. I wish you were here to do my hisaab kitaab. Ms. Charming is The Fun Party Girl plus The You Can Lean On Me Anytime Friend. An awesome Cook and a Clean Freak, she is the closest one. Trying to maintain the balance between the rest of us.
I do wish we had more time to spend with each other. To each of the 6s I want to say I miss you.

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